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The Federation League matches are almost completed and several sections of the League are finished with only Area D and Sub Area A having outstanding matches. Premier East came down to the wire with Martham topping the League by one point after a 9 point victory away to Gissing. Sadly, Premier West was not completed as it should have been when Globe from Kings Lynn conceded their last two matches and were, because of the League rules, removed from the League. All points that were won or awarded to other teams in the league when playing or set to play Globe were removed. This did not affect the outcome of that section with Cawston A coming out winners. The final match to decide the winner of the Hedworth Blyth League Cup will be played on Tuesday 13th August at Cawston. It is hoped to start the match at 6.15pm and get the entire match in without the use of floodlights.
Area A was won by Bawdeswell, Area B by Cromer Crabs, Area C by Caister A and Area D by Woodbastwick. Sub Area A is still undecided, Sub Area B was won by Trunch, Sub Area C by Potter Heigham and Sub Area D by Freethorpe Brandies.